Five little girls alone in the wilderness prove there are no limits to what girls can achieve

Nanny Mcnow

Nanny McNow

At 8 years, Nanny is the eldest of the group. She is a great nurturer. She loves all of the other girls and accepts the responsibility of keeping them together and marshaling their collective skills for the good of the group.

It can be a thankless task. Sunny is often distracted and hell-bent on just having fun. Tuffy can be cantankerous or distracted. Smarty is so shy that it’s sometimes difficult to get an idea out of her when Nanny knows she has the solution to the current problem.

Sometimes bearing the load of leader frustrates her so she allows her feelings to emerge in a diary that she writes each night after the others have settled down to sleep. Sometimes she wishes there could be another girl of her age, to share the load.