Five little girls alone in the wilderness prove there are no limits to what girls can achieve

Smarty Mchy

Smarty McShy

Smarty is about six and a half years. She is very shy and it is often difficult for Nanny, the eldest girl, to get her to speak up when they are trying to solve a problem. As we will see,however, it is important that she does because of all the girls, she is, by far the cleverest and can be relied upon to come up with the big ideas when they need them. Because she is shy, she likes to find a lot of quiet time and is often found hiding in peaceful places behind trees and near creeks, deeply engaged in her favorite pastime, reading her giant book... The Little Girl’s Guide to Almost Everything.

In that book she has found a chapter about Scotland. It is her favorite chapter and sometimes she wears a small tartan kilt over her jeans.