Five little girls alone in the wilderness prove there are no limits to what girls can achieve

Sunny Mcfizz

Sunny McFizz

Sunny is the athlete of the group. Almost 7, she is tall, tanned and fit, She finds it exhilarating to run as fast as she can and to stand on her hands for a very long time. She is optimistic, always the joker and sometimes finds it hard to concentrate on the task at hand.

Sunny is the one who runs ahead to check the lie of the land and as it happens, is the one who finds Tuffy, traveling alone, then introduces her to the rest of the group.

She is wonderful at climbing even the tallest trees, which helps her to survey the countryside for great distances all around them, an important contribution to decisions about which direction to take next.

Like Tuffy, she is fearless. Her motto is "Run, don’t walk".